For a Female Black Cinema – Brazil

On March 7, in a partnership with ShortCutz for the 3rd Porto Feminist Festival, we showed the exhibition «For a Female Black Cinema – Brazil» curated by Janaína Oliveira.

This cicle is made up of significant achievements of female black Brazilian production in contemporary times. The objective is to present to the public a fraction of the strength of this generation that has been strengthening collective productions, highlighting the female black protagonism in the audiovisual productions of the country when seeking to break the barriers of national cinema production in Brazil.



Empowered –  #EP04 2º Season, Sueli Carneiro, Renata Martins

Monga, Coffee Portrait, Everlane Moraes

Maíra is well, Juliana Lima

Monga, Coffee Portrait, Everlane Moraes

Faith girl (1st episode), Coletivo Mulheres De Pedra

Merê, Urânia Munzanzu

I need these words written, Milena Manfredini

Crossing, Safira Moreira


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