In the month of April, the Porto Femme wednesdays continue to be all about women. In this period of social isolation, we want to continue to inspire you with the visions of our female filmmakers.
In partnership with Saco Azul Associação Cultural and Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, we launch the WEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER, streaming movie nights until we can return to our favourite exhibition rooms.

For these Wednesday nights fevers, we share with you some of the films that were shown in the past two editions of Porto Femme, and bring to your houses a selection of films that somehow touched us and made us reflect on the world around us.

The first two sessions will take place on the 15th and on the 29th of April on our facebook page.

A “Wednesday night fever” which gives us an impulse to make and create bridges, and meet virtually to share some movies with you. We fight against this virus by creating a cinematic epidemic with the mission of making some female filmmakers known.

The world needs great actions and measures. We are doing our part and isolating, but not without continuing to assert our purpose in small gestures and actions.