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Maus Hábitos | Porto

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Curated: by Porto Femme Festival
Artists: Abril Xavier, Ana EFE, Cara Trancada, Helena Teixeira, Letícia Maia, Luiza Porto, Luísa Sequeira, Márcia Bellotti, Mónica Santos, Paula P. Rezende, Raquel Pereira, Thais de Menezes
Opening: September 07th, 18h00
Closing: September 17th


The singular of the body at the end will be plural: Bodies – Screens, Bodies – Fields; Bodies – Visions; Bodies – Feelings; Bodies – Voices; My body. Your body. Our Bodies. Bodies – Manifests.

Multiple looks at bodies materialized in different artistic expressions. Looking at Bodies by the artists who thus form a collective in which their works bring reflections on the subject.

We seek to be plural in the works and in the artists, also seeking a transfeminist and intersectional vision.

A collective exhibition around the theme Bodies that marks the 5th edition of the Porto Femme International Film Festival.



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