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Session # 14 is a special session. It doesn’t happen on the usual 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Dedicated to Macaense cinema, this program is curated by Cheong Kin Man, whose presence we can count on this day!

One of the greatest concerns of post-colonial Macanese women filmmakers is to maximize creativity in a society characterized by self-censorship. Here are three pertinent examples that deserve attention in this regard: “A Friend of Mine (2013), very subtly one of the first LGBT films in Macau, by the brave filmmaker Tracy Choi who has gained a positive impression in the transregional public. “The Kids Project” (2016) was the result of the observation of a school teacher: Nancy Io made several short films before going to study at a film school in Formosa. Originally joint production with several other short films to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Macau Special Administrative Region. “Until the end of the world” (2019) is the production of Emily Chan, who is alongside Tracy Choi one of the most important names of the Macanese filmmakers.





Macau | 15’00’’ | Fiction | 2013

Director: Tracy Choi



Well-behaved Sin witnesses bullying in her new school and dares not to disclose it. Seeing the victim, Tong, being always unfairly treated, she offers to help. Gradually heir friendship grows, however, Sin is afraid to be implicated on Tong’s problems. Since then, she tries to keep a distance from Tong and ignore all the bullying she witnessed. She has plunged into a moral dilemma…





Macau | 25’00’’ | Fiction | 2017

Director: Nancy Io



Kids in kindergarten are used to just following orders and taking those so called ‘nutrition’ provided by the adults. Someone should consider the kids feeling and speak up for them. Ted, the new art teacher, was nominated by the school principal to curate the talent show because of his outstanding techniques and skills. However, the principal keeps stressing and even forces them to use up the regular classes to practice for the talent show. Both the teachers and the kids are in distress, and so, Ted decides to stand up for the students.



Macau | 12’00’’ | Fiction | 2019

Director: Emily Chan



The 2012 phenomenon said that day will be the end of the world. Zoe decided to leave Macau on that day. Before she left, she met her ex-lover in this small city, and walk with him for the last time.




*Every second Wednesday of each month, the Avenida Café-Concerto screens thematic cinema cycles in which the common denominator is films directed by women.
The aim is to give visibility to the work of women in the film industry, through the projection of their works and, whenever possible, their presence in the sessions, promoting the encounter between the public and the authors.