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On the last Wednesday of each month, the Maus Hábitos will screen thematic cinema cycles in which the common denominator is films directed by women.

The objective is to give visibility to the work of women in the cinema, through the projection of their works and, whenever possible, their presence in the sessions, promoting the encounter between the public and the authors.

This month we present an extension of the German partner festival “Berlin Feminist Film Week”, which has been aiming at challenging patriarchal storytelling since 2014. We have therefore dedicated our festival to the voices often unheard in visual storytelling – women*, queer and PoC filmmakers. Diversity is at the heart of our selection process and rather than us unanimously deciding what feminist film is – the submission process adds an element of democracy to our program and let’s the filmmaker we work with have a say in what feminism in film means to them. This program consists of a selection of short films from our 2018 program, including team and audience favorites from different countries, perspectives and genres, showcasing what feminist film can look like.


The Green

Fiction – 15’ – YEAR 2015


Director – Sophia Loffreda



When 10-year-old bffs Cherry Cake, Starla, and Franny find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they decide selling the greenery to their town’s fabled drug dealer may be their last chance to do something BIG together before their team gets broken up.



Is it too much to ask?

Documentary – 30′ – YEAR 2017


Director – Leena Manimekalai



“Is it too much to ask” follows the journey of two friends Smile and Glady – looking for a rental apartment in Chennai and the obstacles and social stigma they encounter in not just looking for a home but being single and the fact that they are transgender women. In addition to the search for a house we will meet the two women in their everyday dealings with an outmost prejudiced society where there are very few emotionally bright spots with which Smile and Glady can recharge their energy. Their identity render them helpless before the caste ridden, feudal and patriarchal landlords of the city who by denying them their apartments, deny their existence too. But Smile and Glady face every day as it comes with so much grace, humor and undying positivity. They turn their anger and frustrations into songs, dance, plays and their work of art continues to supply them the hope to live.



Old Pal

Documentary – 12′ – YEAR 2015


Director – Dorothy Allen-Pickard



A documentary-conversation with Caitlin McMullan about her experience of living with disability.


Ficção – 23’26’’ – YEAR 2017


Director – Gina Wenzel



Laura is a self-confident young woman, a member of the new “Me Me Me Generation“, also known as “Generation Y”. Spoilt for choice by life’s abundance of options, Laura has lost track of her own aims and ideals. She’s always looking for something, she just doesn’t know what. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura food for thought.