Maus Hábitos | Porto

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On the last Wednesday of each month, the Maus Hábitos will screen thematic cinema cycles in which the common denominator is films directed by women.

The objective is to give visibility to the work of women in the cinema, through the projection of their works and, whenever possible, their presence in the sessions, promoting the encounter between the public and the authors.

This month we present a program of the first edition of Porto Femme International Film Festival, which happened from May 30 to Jun 3.

This program includes awarded movies, as the favorites of our team and others with relevance because of many factors. The objective pass by present a sample that is representative of the program showed, as well as perspectives and genres.



Germany | 25’ | 2017

Director: Judith Westermann

Cast: Jonathan Berlin, Ulrike Folkerts, Nurit Hirschfeld, Lasse Myhr

Producer: Anna-Katharina Maier



Trapped in the wrong body, Eileen wants to finally start living her life as a girl tomorrow. But today her best friend Ella throws a good-bye party for Eileen’s old self Leon. The party turns into desaster when no one shows up. The two friends decide to confront the guests who didn’t show and dive into an absurd odyssey thru town that changes everything.



France | 16’ | 2017

Director: Latifa Said

Cast: Slimane Dazi; Delphine Grandsart; Rachid Taha

Producer: Latifa Said, Rodrigo Areias

Production Company: Saudade Productions, Bando à Parte



Suburbs of a big city. Omar, a worker from Maghreb, feels uncomfortable with women. Ambivalent, either he’s fascinated by them, or they make him afraid. When he meets Rita, a hooker, he tries to surpass his complex, discovering his own sexuality.





France | 12’ | 2017

Director: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix

Cast: Sara Verhagen, Françoise Miquelis, Nancy Tate, Sylvain Savard

Producer: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix



Some things should remain private, right?

In a small Florida town, a young French woman goes with her mother to a routine medical check-up to act as her interpreter. However, she is taken by surprise when she learns that it is actually a gynaecological examination she is attending. But, the biggest revelations are yet to come…





Portugal | 7´29´| 2017

Director: Rita Figueira e Vânia Oliveira

Producer: Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design



The Devil wakes up and gets ready for another typical day of work in Hell when suddenly his routine is shaken by the sound of the doorbell, which announces the arrival of an unexpected visitor. It will turn out to be a work day different than usual, as in his daily round of inspection through Hell he will have the company of his mother, who will be the driving force of many conflicts, that will put him to the test.





Portugal | 7´52´| 2017

Director: Joana Imaginário

Cast: Ana Água 

Producer: Nuno Beato



By mistake, she drinks the paintbrush water and turns into a drawing. From that point on, the world of everyday things and the world of creation dance around a cabinet. Inside it, each moment, each memory and each action become unique. As a book grows and becomes real, we follow the Tocadora in her creative process as the unfolding of an imaginary journey.





Portugal| 4’8’’|2017

Director: Tânia Franco

Producer: Tânia Franco



Shades of White is a short documentary that portraits the state of decadency lived in Bairro dos Pescadores.

Bairro dos pescadores is an old fisherman’s neighborhood built 44 years ago. After risking their lives in the sea this people were left abandoned in poverty. Mostly visual, this short documentary portrais how this fisherman and their families live.