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In the month of April, the Porto Femme Wednesdays continue to be all about women. In this period of social isolation, we want to continue to inspire you with the visions of our female filmmakers.
In partnership with Saco Azul Associação Cultural and Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, we launch the WEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER, streaming movie nights until we can return to our favourite exhibition rooms.

For these Wednesday nights fevers, we share with you some of the films that were shown in the past two editions of Porto Femme, and bring to your houses a selection of films that somehow touched us and made us reflect on the world around us.

A “Wednesday night fever” which gives us an impulse to make and create bridges, and meet virtually to share some movies with you. We fight against this virus by creating a cinematic epidemic with the mission of making some female filmmakers known.

The world needs great actions and measures. We are doing our part and isolating, but not without continuing to assert our purpose in small gestures and actions.


Our first online edition happens on the 15th of April at 22h30, on our facebook page. In this 46 minute session, our selection of films includes fiction, documentary and animation shorts.




Portugal | 04’10’’ | Animation | 2018

Director: Beatriz Bagulho

Producer: Beatriz Bagulho




It’s been too long. Forgotten and bitter, Catarina’s body abandons her head, interrupting a dance of affection between body and mind. Escaping from her life partner, the physique decides to enter a dimension of headless bodies, the Corporealitis. However, a stubborn mind doesn’t rest. Precisely when we lose our dearest members is when we most value them.



Belgium | 02’00 | Animation | 2018

Director: Bernadette Marijke De Belie



The movie FEMINAM, Latin for woman is an autonomous visual work by Marijke De Belie in which the artist plays with representations of women throughout the centuries.

Still it has not become a scientifically chronological enumeration of all female icons but more a flood of images like the one we experience in our REM sleep.





Brazil | 12’00’’ | Fiction | 2016

Director: Alexia Maltner

Cast: Othon Bastos, Suzana Faíni

Production: Amanda Lima



This film follows the story of Dora and Caio, an elderly couple who are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. To the outside world, Dora and Caio appear to be the perfect happy married couple.

Dora and Caio discuss and disagree about whether to remain in their marriage that is based only on the happiness of past memories or take the risk to begin a new life independently of one another.





China | 5’32’’ | 2017

Director: Lei Lei

Production: Lei Lei



This animation gives an account of the injuries inflicted on a girl after she was followed and sexually harassed by combining oil painting and photography.



Brazil/Portugal | 20’00’’ | Documentary | 2017

Direction: Marta Pinheiro

Production – Gabriela Menezes



Violence against women is more usual than people think. The film is developed in four stories of violence, suffered by four different women, who complement each other. The first woman is stalked and death threatened, the second is held in false imprisonment, the third woman undergoes an abortion because of physical violence and the fourth story is based on the testimony of a woman who has a relative who murdered his wife in front of the couple’s baby son. Among the scenes, clippings of reports of several other abused women. All the stories and testimonies are real facts, but they are not isolated stories.



Brazil | 01’30’’ | Fiction | 2018

Direction: Alexia Maltner

Cast: Gabi Costa



A naked body and words that hurt all women show how silent the violence is.