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What is it like to be a director in Portugal in 2019? The process of production of each film, difficulties and achievements, fiction and documentary, personal, political and artistic convictions, communication channels to promote, distribute and display the films. This workshop will focus on the various issues associated with the process of making a film, from the writing phase to its completion. From a conceptual and practical perspective, different aspects of the cinematographic language and different possibilities of approach to several transversal problems that cover the whole history of cinema will be approached. It is intended to confront the directors with the diversity of issues and work processes associated with the making of a film, endowing them with the necessary knowledge for a conscious and reflected approach to the various phases of its realization.

DATE: 20th of June

TIME: 10h00 – 19h00

PRICE: 25€

NECESSARY MATERIAL: Notebook, pencil or pen. Laptop. Camera or cellphone.


Raquel Freire

Raquel Freire was born in Porto and is a daughter of the April Revolution. She is a filmmaker, writer, screenwriter, producer, citizen and mother. She studied Law and History and Aesthetics of Cinema, and History and Aesthetics of Portuguese Cinema at the University of Coimbra. The “Rio Vermelho”, “Rasganço”, “Veneno Cura”, “SOS”, “This is my face: theater creators”, “L’Academie”, “Dreamocracy” premiered in competition at International Film Festivals such as Venice , Montreal, Gwanju, Leeds, Seoul, Clermont-Ferrand, Kenya, Vila do Conde, Porto Post Doc, Sweden Film Festival, among others; in cinemas and on television in Portugal and France; sold out on DVD.

She was honored at the Cannes Film Festival by the European Film Foundation as a young European producer. She premiered in the staging with the show NóSOUTRXS, of which she was creator and performer in the São Luiz Municipal Theater.

Her books TRANSIBERICLOVE and ULISSEIA were published in Portuguese in 2015, 2016 and in German in 2017 at the Frankfurt International Book Fair. She was an invited professor of several Portuguese and foreign universities in the areas of cinema, camera interpretation, direction, gender studies, art and political science. She was a guest artist at the ALICE / CES / Universidade Coimbra Project, and she directed “Pela mão de Alice”, a documentary about Boaventura de Sousa Santos, which premiered in Festivals in 2018. She premiered the film “Happy Island” with La Ribot and Dancing with the Difference in Geneva Festival, 2018. The film “Women of my country” will be premiering in 2019, preparing the documentary “A Excepção Portuguesa”, “Feministas na revolução”, and the short “No”.

She won the CNC (Center National du Cinéma Français) contest to support the writing of the feature film Trans Iberic Love. She has now finished his third feature film “Film Without a Camera”.