International Panoramas

Women around the world 

Cycles that result from partnerships with other film festivals, featuring women filmmakers from a particular country and culture.

During Porto Femme 2018 the following cycles were screening:



MAUS HÁBITOS room | 01st June 2018 | 18h30


Since 2001 Tricky Women takes place every year in March around the date of the International Women’s Day. Tricky Women focuses on animated films made by women and therefore fills a unique position within the international festival landscape. Besides the competition the festival shows themed programs and retrospectives to present an exciting overview of the animated cinematic art of female artists from around the world and Austrian filmmakers as well. Historical curiosities and contemporary productions are part of Tricky Women’s programming. Animated Documentaries, works of students of international film schools and academies, and the cinematographic reflection on the complex work/society was established as festival anchors. Exhibitions, workshops, and Best Practice-afternoons provide an insight into the creative work of filmmakers and offer the opportunity to get in touch with each other. Tricky Women’s declared aim is to confront the audience with the unlimited aesthetics of animation films made by women.

International female animation filmmakers – competing and connecting
The primal aim of Tricky Women to create a pool of international acknowledged experts is realized by now. Each year in Vienna for five days in March the festival presents film classics as well as contemporary productions which give an overview about the latest trends and developments. Female animation artists from all over the world meet their Austrian colleagues to connect and compete. Over the years a dense network emerged which reaches from Vienna over Moscow and Beijing to Montreal.

The organization of this animation film festival has prepared the following selection for Porto Femme:

  • The Burden de Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden);
  • My Father’s Room de Nari Jang (South Korea);
  • A Bird in a Cage de Lauren Orme (United Kingdom);
  • The World´s Middlest Fish de Cathinka Tanberg (Norway);
  • “You are still there” de Ingrid Gaier (Austria);
  • Tailor de Calí Dos Anjos (Brazil).




MAUS HÁBITOS Room | 02nd June 2018 | 18h00


The screening of “CINEMA OF WOMEN THAT SPEAKING PORTUGUESE”‘s general objective is to foster a contact space, social inclusion and gender equality, interaction and multicultural exchange among Portuguese-speaking countries, based on the focus on women and their audiovisual productions. The project aims to promote the circulation of works by CPLP countries, as well as to promote debate and reflection on these works in the context in which they were produced by these women. The first edition of the screening took place in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in November 2017, where 12 films (feature and short films) from five countries were screened.

This project is an organization of the Associação Imaginário Digital. A Brazilian cultural association qualified as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest). For ten years, he has been conducting projects that work at the interface between the fields of audiovisual, education and technology for the generation of innovative spaces for creation and learning.

For Porto Femme, the following films from this ptogram were selected:

  • A Mulher Ideal de Margarida Leitão (Portugal);
  • Arpoador de Ana Costa (Brasil);
  • Não é pressa, é saudade de Camila Shinoda (Brasil);
  • Tentei de Laís Melo (Brasil);
  • Hora de Bai de Samira Vera-Cruz (Cabo Verde).