Porto Femme is an International Film Festival that focuses its action on promoting the work of women in the seventh art, promoting their equality and empowerment in the cinematographic universe. This year it holds its 6th edition, which takes place from the 18th to the 23rd of April in Porto. The event aims to be a point of sharing, debate and creation for all those who love cinema.

To this end, volunteers are active participants in the festival and play a key role in its structure and development. Join us to be able to participate in an event of international projection, which allows you to have direct contact with directors, producers and artists, in one of the only cultural and artistic events in the city for women.


  • To participate, volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, with a sense of responsibility, interest and communication. Availability to collaborate during the festival period is required based on a spirit of mutual help;
  • Volunteers will assume several functions according to the needs:
                1. Reception and information – Reception and handover of accreditations to the guests and participants;
                2. Public Relations – Support for the festival guests, where the volunteers need to follow their schedule (sessions, meals, transport schedule to and from the hotel, etc.)
                3. Theaters – Audience support, entry control and screening presentation to the public;
                4. Kiosks – Books and festival articles sales to the public;
                5. Technical support to exhibitions – Support for the installation and monitoring of art exhibitions;
                6. Technical support cinema sessions – Support for the sessions in theaters;
                7. Photo coverage – Participation in the photographic coverage of the festival;
                8. Video coverage – Participation in the video coverage of the entire festival, participation in some parts of video editing for TV and Internet.
  • To correctly submit the application, volunteers must fill in the registration form.
  • The selected candidates will be contacted for a preliminary meeting, where they will receive information and training on the role to play during the Festival;
  • Porto Femme bears their food expenses and they will be offered merchandising for the festival. We also have the possibility to host volunteers who come from abroad (max. 6).
  • Travel expenses will be borne by each volunteer.


We count on your participation!

For more information, contact us.

             The Organizing Committee.