In March, we presented an extension of Sao Tome FestFilm – Sao Tome and Principe International Film Festival. This project was created and promoted by ASSECOM (Association of Entertainment and Multimedia Communication – Cultural and Artistic from Sao Tome and Principe), founded by a group os students from Sao Tome and Portugal.

This festival began in 2014 with the aim of developing and boosting projects in the areas of film, television, video and multimedia, through provision of educational activities such as workshops and conferences in the areas mentioned.

This exhibition screened some of the films that were in competition and/or have been awarded in the last three editions, all of them held by women. In order to bring a bit of the essence of Sao Tome and Principe, were selected two films with this criteria of choice for this cycle.


In addition to the São Tomé FilmFest films, this cycle included the film “Mina Kiá” by the director from Sao Tome and Principe Katya Aragão, one of the country’s female filmmakers. The film addresses the cruel reality of many young women from this country, thus being the motto for the conversation about the reality of the cinema and the women of Sao Tome and Principe.


“Mina Kiá” is supported by the PALOP and TL – EU co-operation, which aims to strengthen the relationship between the Portuguese speaking African countries and East Timor and the EU Member States. It has been active since 1992, having been extended to East Timor in 2007.

We had the pleasure to count on the presence of Katya Aragão and the director of São Tomé Fest Film, Hamilton Trindade, which was followed by a moment of Q & A and debate.






We relied on the following works:

“Nkosi Coiffure” by Frederike Migon | 14’ | Belgium| 2015

“Happiness lives here” by Gladys Mariotto | 15’ | Brazil | 2015

Solar schools of Sao Tome and Principe by Yolanda Macías Sauco | 14’ | Sao Tome and Principe | 2012

5 ways to dieby Daina Papadaki | 15’ | Chyprus | 2013

The little maid by Katya Aragão | 20’ | Sao Tome and Principe | 2017


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