About us

In 2016 the XX Element Project – Cultural Association was born with the objective of promoting the artistic works carried out by women and also to show through them and through the development of cultural, civic and social activities, the women’s rights and gender equality.

The association intends to create privileged spaces of dissemination of these works, where the main focus will be the cinema.

One of the major projects of the association goes through the annual holding of the Porto Femme – International Film Festival dedicated to women’s directors, as well as the organization of female cinema cycles, a program dedicated to women’s point of view. It is intended to combat, in this way, the under-representation of women in cinema.

The PORTO FEMME SESSIONS on last Wednesdays of each month, at MAUS HÁBITOS, will be the meeting point for debate and reflection on the most varied issues.

Through cinema it’s intended to educate and inform the public on social and political issues affecting women in the world. It’s intended to give a plural voice to feminisms with an intersectional view for them, seeking to cover the different groups and struggles.

Cinema and arts in general will be our weapon in the fight for a fairer and more equal world!

Until then, we will have a lot of films, debates and special screenings and exhibitions!