A FARAWAY HOUSE by Mayra Bottero, Argentina

Aos nossos filhos by Maria de Medeiros, Brazil

The Den by Beatrice Baldacci, Italy



A fairy tale by Zoé Arene, Belgium

A superheroes’ one by Chon López Solano, Spain

Between by Ana Carolina Marinho & Bárbara Santos, Brazil

Consumed by Karen Lamond, United Kingdom

Dana by Lucía Forner Segarra, Spain

Dear Ward by Marwa Ali Elsharkawi, Egypt

Estrellas Del Desierto by Katherina Harder Sacre, Chile

If They Kill Me by Hipatia Argüero Mendoza, Mexico

Little Berlin by Kate McMullen, France

Mind Blank by Ana de Alva, Spain

Off Side by Sophie Martin, France

Oxytocin by Lucía Valverde, Spain

PLASTIC DREAM by Merve Bozcu, Turkey

She’s The Protagonist by Sarah Carlot Jaber, Belgium

Store Policy by Sarah Arnold, France

The Cormorant by Lubna Playoust, France

The Human Resource by Adriana Da Fonseca, Belgium

The mad woman and the feminist by Sandra Gallego, Spain

Toutes les nuits by Latifa Saïd, France

Tunnel by Aleksandra Czenczek, United Kingdom

Veils by Erika Nakayama, Japan



Bardo by Aisling Conroy, Ireland

Code Stroke by Belinda Bonan, Spain

Crotch stories by Myleine Guiard-Schmid, Belgium

Granny’s Sexual Life by Urška Djukić & Émilie Pigeard, Slovenia

Incognito by Júlia Lantos, Hungary

L’Amour en Plan by Claire Sichez, France

Sex Relish (a solo orgasm) by Ananda Safo, France

Shall We Talk? by Katya Mikheeva, Russian Federation

Spring Always Comes Back by Alicia Núñez Puerto, Spain

Washing Machine by Alexandra Májová, Czech Republic



Amato by Romy Boutin St-Pierre, Canada

Beautiful by Mariana França de Lima, Brazil

Call me Jonathan by Bárbara Lago, Argentina

Choices/Voices by Sara Marie Dutch & Melanie Sien Min Lyn, Germany

Disclosing Acuenda by Ana Carolina Marinho & Anna Zêpa, Brazil

First Class Citizen by Diana Maria Olsson, Sweden

Four Verses of Self Pleasure by Heleni Smuha & Clara Ràfols Pérez, Spain

In the silence of an abyssale sea by Juliette Klinke, Belgium

PROGNOSIS – notes on living by Kate Stilley Steiner & Debra Chasnoff, United States

THE PERFECT PICTURE by Hala El Kouch, Lebanon



A Feast That Never Comes by Maria Juranic, United States

Aura by Also Sisters, Spain

Creature by María Silvia Esteve, Argentina

Eternal Feminine by Andrea Ruiz, Spain

For Creation by Deborah Louise Kelly, Australia

Silent Heat by Lucienne Venner, Netherlands

Upwards Tide by Daniela Zahlner, Austria&United Kingdom

Vitiligo by Soraya Milla, France