Crises. Fights and resistances – Art as a liberating expression of the interior.
The voices of change can already be heard, already be felt. Sometimes they disturb.
The theme Crises appears, almost naturally, in dialogue with the current context.
Women have always been more exposed to all kinds of crises, economic, social, environmental and, above all, of rights.
With this proposal, we want to generate debate and reflection on the Crises that affect women – to look around and expose different realities and worlds by the restless, giving voice to their works and making them reach new horizons. Anything is valid.
We seek a meeting with the visions of visual artists on the subject: we will listen to the cries, whispers and expressions that point us to a crisis.
The artist is free to choose the content, form or body she wishes to give to the work. After the curatorial process, it will be possible to see, under different interpretations, how each woman understands and faces different types of crises.

Amanda Triano, Ana Catarina Silva, Anna Clara Petracca, Beatriz Bento, Deyanira B, Carolina Rodrigues, Catarina Bico, Catarina Fernandes, Chiara Rigione, Inês Um Dois Três, Lívia Zafanelli, Mariana Parasense, Mónica Santos, Nanda Serra Gondim, Nara Rosetto, Nevena Martinovic, Natacha Voliakovsky, Paula P. Rezende, Rita Grancho, Sandra Araújo, Sara Brownsword, Sofia a Melância, Stephanie Gervot, Teresa Alves Tellechea, Valéria Martins, Vanessa Oliveira, Viviane Rodrigues Peixe.


For its 4th edition, Porto Femme launched a special invitation to women artists, from Portugal and the world: to present works, in the field of visual arts, that fit the theme Crises. The goal was to create a body of diverse artworks, which dialogue among themselves, linked by the theme and presenting the same origin: being creations of women artists.

The exhibition is the first activity of the Festival and will take place at Tinturaria – Galeria de Exposições, Covilhã, from June 11th to July 5th 2021. It is the result from a partnership with the University of Beira Interior, in particular with the final year class of Cultural Sciences and the first year class of the Master in Cultural Studies.

All the works and artists participating in this collective exhibition can be found HERE.


An organization of XX Element Project- Cultural Association and the University of Beira Interior.

With the Support of Comissão Para A Igualdade UBI, Tinturaria – Galeria de Exposições, Câmara Municipal da Covilhã and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude.

With financing from the Direção Regional da Cultura do Norte and Câmara Municipal do Porto.