Reflections Theme


“If every morning

wash this window, and in the glow of the glass beyond

of my reflection, I felt the transparency distract

that nothing represents, you would see that the bush does not pass

of an inferno, absent the decasyllable of the flame.”


“A Mais Perfeita Imagem” by Ana Luísa Amaral


Reflections. Reflected images. Returned images. Effect produced by the reflected self, of an operative double, fruit of the unconscious and of self-consciousness. It is through the mirror (says Lacan), or its reflection, that we identify ourselves and create an identity. And, for centuries, the female image reflected in the mirror was centered on heteronormative ideals, as an object of desire and of the gaze of others. Women’s self-determination, meanwhile conquered, unfolds in a kaleidoscope of multiple reflections, images, and identities.

In this exhibition, we intend to give space to the reflections created by women cis and trans and no-binary artists who claim their images, who face and shape their reflected selves in front of a mirror they hold without hesitation, and display the reflections they seek, that they produce, that they achieve, as the result of a firm and unwavering image.

We are looking for an encounter with visual artists’ perspectives on the theme: we will listen to the screams, whispers, and expressions that point to a crisis.

The artist is free to choose the content, form or body she wants to give to the work. After the curatorial process, it will be possible to see, under different interpretations, how each person understands and faces the reflection…


Presentation | Open Call

For its 6th edition, PORTO FEMME – International Film Festival launches a special invitation to women cis and trans and non-binary artists, from Portugal and the world: to present works, in the field of visual arts, that fit the theme of Reflections. The idea is to create a body of diverse works, which are organized and in dialogue among themselves, linked by the theme and presenting the same origin: being creations of women cis and trans and non-binary artists. They may be works of photography, video art, painting, sculpture, among others.

The open call is open until March 15th 2023. The regulations can be found HERE and the works must be sent to


In its genesis, Porto Femme and XX Element – Cultural Association promote women artists, selecting visual works and organizing their public exhibition. Previously, the following events have already taken place: 

    • RA(H)LO by Sónia Katita (2017);
    • 12 APÓSTOLAS, collective exhibition (2018);
    • EXPOSIÇÃO VESTIGIUM by Mónica Lizardo (2018);
    • O PRAZER É TODO MEU by Cara Trancada and Clara Não (2018);
    • FEMME QUARANTINE, collective exhibition (2020)
    • CRISES, collective exhibition (2021)
    • BODIES – MANIFESTS,  collective exhibition (2022)


Porto Femme is an international film festival, dedicated to the promotion of women filmmakers, and aims to be a space for sharing stories and different perspectives, supporting the presence of women cis and trans and non-binary artists in the film industry and visual arts.