For its 4th edition, PORTO FEMME – International Film Festival launches a special invitation to women artists, from Portugal and the world: to present works, in the field of visual arts, that fit the theme of Crises. The idea is to create a body of diverse works, which are organized and in dialogue among themselves, linked by the theme and presenting the same origin: being creations of women artists. They may be works of photography, video art, painting, sculpture, among others.

The open call is open until April 15th 2021. The regulations can be found HERE and the works must be sent to

In this edition, the exhibit is developed in partnership with the University of Beira Interior, in particular with the students from the first cycle in Cultural Sciences and the master in Cultural Studies. Thus the existing ties between the Higher Education institution and the Porto Femme Festival are strengthened, providing a pedagogical and relevant curatorial experience for everyone.


Crises. Fights and resistances – Art as a liberating expression of the interior.
The voices of change can already be heard, already be felt. Sometimes they disturb.
The theme Crises appears, almost naturally, in dialogue with the current context.
Women have always been more exposed to all kinds of crises, economic, social, environmental and, above all, of rights.
With this proposal, we want to generate debate and reflection on the Crises that affect women – to look around and expose different realities and worlds by the restless, giving voice to their works and making them reach new horizons. Anything is valid.
We seek a meeting with the visions of visual artists on the subject: we will listen to the cries, whispers and expressions that point us to a crisis.
The artist is free to choose the content, form or body she wishes to give to the work. After the curatorial process, it will be possible to see, under different interpretations, how each woman understands and faces different types of crises.

Furthermore, the initiative has an itinerant character: in a first moment, at the beginning of June, it will be inaugurated at the premises of the University of Beira Interior, in Covilhã. In the following month, it will move to the city of Porto, where the festival takes place. This novelty establishes a contact point between the interior of the country and the urban center, crossing themes and promoting artists.

In its genesis, Porto Femme and XX Element – Cultural Association promote women artists, selecting visual works and organizing their public exhibition. Previously, the following events have already taken place: 

  • RA(H)LO by Sónia Katita (2017);
  • 12 APÓSTOLAS, collective exhibition (2018);
  • EXPOSIÇÃO VESTIGIUM by Mónica Lizardo (2018);
  • O PRAZER É TODO MEU by Cara Trancada and Clara Não (2018);
  • FEMME QUARANTINE, collective exhibition (2020).

Porto Femme is an international film festival, dedicated to the promotion of women filmmakers, and aims to be a space for sharing stories and different perspectives, supporting the presence of women in the film industry and visual arts.