A women’s film festival that shows and disseminates the work of women in the field of the seventh art, promoting equality and empowerment in the film industry.

Films which are directed and starred by women, with female-oriented themes, but, in the end, it’s films made by women… for all genres.

Through films, we aim to educate and inform the public about social and political issues which affect women in the world and give voice to feminisms, seeking to encompass various groups with their fights and struggles.

The event aims to be a place of sharing, debate and creation for all those who love cinema.

We intend to put Porto and Portugal on the map of women’s film festivals.

One of the purposes of this project is the visibility of women’s work around the world, seeking a diversified program with competitive film sessions, thematic shows, debates, exhibitions, among others.

We believe that our project helps take small but firm steps towards gender equality ​​in the field of arts.

In 2019, the program reflected a diversity of genres, themes and languages. PORTO FEMME had a diverse and attractive offer for the public, which included competitive sessions, exhibitions, workshops, debates, Q&A sessions, an art exhibition and concerts.


The 3rd Edition of the Festival will take place from June 16-20, 2020!



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