Tema Reflexos

“Were I to wipe clean
every morning this window pane and feel
beyond my reflection the distracted transparency
of nothingness, I would see the shrub
is but a small inferno in the absence of the decasyllabic flame.”
The Most Perfect Image – Ana Luísa Amaral


Reflections. Reflected images. Returned images. An effect produced by the mirrored self, of an operative double, fruit of the unconscious and self-consciousness. It is through the mirror (says Lacan), or its reflection, that we identify ourselves and create an identity.

In this exhibition, we aim to give space to the reflections created by these artists who claim their images, who face and shape their reflected duos in front of a mirror, which they hold without a doubt. Those who display the reflections they seek, produce and achieve as a result of a firm and unshakeable image.

The artist is free to decide on the content, form or body they wish to give to the work. After the curatorial process, it will be possible to see, under different interpretations, how each person perceives and faces said reflection.

Reflections is the theme of this year’s exhibition at the 6th edition of Porto Femme – International Film Festival.

A collective exhibition that reflects and interacts between expression and forms, creating a set of collective strengths that brings together the work of 43 artists. This takes place in two moments, in two locations, thereby being reflections beyond space and time, in a set of works from photography, video art, painting, illustration, sculpture and installation.


Adriana Almeida, Ana Efe, Ana Stingl, Analice Campos, aOlímpia, Aylo Silva, Carina Pierro Corso, Catherin Schöberl, Caty, Flavia Elis Furtado, Flores, Giorgia Berton, Isa Cancela, Julia Shuvchinskaya and Irina Malaya, Karine Menezes, Karla Ruas, Letícia Maia, Luísa S. Ferreira, Luisa Sequeira, Manuela São Simão, Manuela Vaz, Maria de Maria, Mariana Sendim, Nara Rosetto, PAT Cividanes, Pedrinho Faël, Raquel Marto, Raquel Simba , Renata Caldas, Salomé Paiva, Sara Brownsword, Sara Nogueira, Saru, Sofia F. Augusto, Sofia Martins, Sonia Carvalho, Tamara Rodríguez Alfonso, Tatianne Lemos, Teresa Tellechea, Tinta Dulce, Zoe Aiano.